And who am I?

MJ Harden Hawaiian Culture

For the curious, this is what I looked like in 1998 while interviewing Isabella Abbott on a Maui beach. Dr. Abbott is not in these photos below; however, her photo is in the next blog post. Selfies weren’t big back in 1998 so I don’t have many photos of myself interviewing these kupuna. But, for some reason, photographer Steve Brinkman snapped …

Title of book

Why this book? Why this blog?

MJ Harden Hawaiian Culture

This blog is not about me. I will write it, of course, but, it’s to be about the 24 Hawaiians I interviewed in 1998 — an aged generation (then) who spurred and encouraged the renaissance of Hawaiian culture that happened in the 1960s and the 1970s. They are all experts in different aspects of their culture, so, if you want to …